Millions of people are injured in accidents every year because of dangerous conditions on public and private premises.

Property owners are responsible for maintaining their buildings, workplaces, commercial establishments, walkways, parks and other premises in a safe manner. They must keep their property free of defects, provide adequate security and provide warnings and precautions when appropriate. When owners and tenants fail to meet these responsibilities and people are injured the law provides a remedy.

At Schulman Blitz, LLP, we have substantial experience litigating and trying all types of premises liability cases against individuals, corporations and municipalities.

Examples include trip and falls, slip and falls, poor lighting, lead paint exposure, fires, ceiling collapse, and negligent security that results in an assault or attack. Our team will move quickly after an accident to obtain photographic evidence, accident reports and medical records, alert the proper authorities, and conduct detailed investigations to identify all the responsible parties and potential defendants.

In litigation and at trial, we will fight tirelessly to ensure that you receive full vindication and complete compensation for your injuries.

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