There are many members of the New York City Police Department who admirably serve the public under tough circumstances, work hard and do the right thing. Unfortunately, there are also the bad apples – police officers who abuse their authority, make unjustified arrests, and commit acts of violence against the public.

State and federal law protects the rights of people who are abused, brutalized or improperly arrested by the police. Civil cases for money damages against the Police Department and its members can be brought under state law for false arrest, assault and battery and malicious prosecution, and under federal law for violations of civil rights under the United States Constitution. If you’re the victim of an unjust arrest, a bogus warrant, or physical assault by the police, you must act to protect your rights and ensure that you receive proper treatment for your physical and psychological injuries.

Cases against the police department involve special areas of law and are defended aggressively by City lawyers. For these reasons, the success of your case depends on your choice of legal representation. To get vindication of your rights and full compensation on your claims, you need attorneys by your side that are knowledgeable about civil rights law, assault and battery claims, and police practices. At Schulman Blitz, LLP, we have significant experience litigating and trying police misconduct cases.

If you’ve been assaulted, brutalized, falsely arrested or imprisoned by the police, please call us immediately. You have a limited time to file a claim and your choice about whether or not to take a plea or an “ACD” can substantially affect your ability to bring a lawsuit. Before any time passes, contact us to learn what rights you have under state and federal law.

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