$400,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement for Family of Deceased Woman

Our client’s wife went to the hospital complaining of pain in her abdomen.  Despite doing a CAT scan, the doctors failed to realize that she was bleeding internally and they sent her home.  Several weeks later, our client’s wife died as a result of the bleed.  After the completion of depositions, Schulman Blitz, LLP settled… Read more »

$75,000 Settlement For Defective Ladder Injury in Brooklyn Apartment

Schulman Blitz, LLP settled a case for $75,000 for our client who was injured when the ladder leading to the loft of his apartment in Brooklyn collapsed as he was climbing down it.  The case was settled with the insurance company for the apartment building prior to starting a lawsuit.

$75,000 Settlement for False Arrest

Schulman Blitz, LLP settled a case for three teenagers who were falsely arrested by officers of the New York City Police Department.  The officers used excessive force by pointing their guns to the heads of our clients.  Our clients were forced to spend a day in jail despite the fact that they were not charged… Read more »

$505,000 Settlement for Defective Traffic Light Case

Schulman Blitz, LLP settled a case during trial for $505,000 for our clients who were injured in an automobile accident at an intersection due to the traffic lights not working properly.  Schulman Blitz, LLP proved that the traffic light was out for over an hour. Our clients sustained fractures and permanent scarring.

$65,000 settlement for Jogger in Dog Attack

Schulman Blitz, LLP settled a case for $65,000 for a woman who was attacked by a dog in Central Park while she was jogging.  The dog caused our client to sustain a severe injury.   At the time, the dog was being walked by a professional dog-walking company in a negligent manner.  As the result of… Read more »

$165,000 Settlement for Injured Taxi Driver

Schulman Blitz, LLP settled a case for $165,000 for a taxi driver who was struck by a piece of construction equipment that was being negligently driven along Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.   Our client, a taxi driver, required surgery to his shoulder.  The case was settled at a mediation with the insurance company for the defendants… Read more »

Marriott Hotel Settles Elevator Accident Case

Schulman Blitz, LLP procured a substantial settlement for our client who was injured in an elevator that closed on her arm at a Marriott Hotel in New York City. Our client suffered nerve damage to her arm. Schulman Blitz, LLP was able to settle the case prior to litigation.