$180,000 for shoulder injury from defective sidewalk

Schulman Blitz, LLP‘s client, a grandfather and owner of an auto body shop in Astoria, was on his way to his sister’s apartment when he tripped and fell on a broken sidewalk in front of a hotel. As a result of the fall, he tore the rotator cuff in his shoulder, requiring a surgical repair… Read more »

$400,000 for pedestrian struck by bicycle delivery boy

Our client, a retired physician, was a pedestrian in Manhattan.  She was waiting to cross the street when she was struck by a delivery boy for a restaurant who was travelling in the opposite direction of traffic on a bicycle.  As a result, she sustained multiple facial fractures, including fractures to her maxillary bones, nasal… Read more »

$2,000,000 settlement in medical malpractice/wrongful death case

Fred Schulman, Esq. and Justin Blitz, Esq. recently settled a medical malpractice/wrongful death case for $2 million.  Our client was the wife of a 22 year old man with two young children who went to his doctor complaining of various symptoms including rapid weight loss and excessive thirst.  The doctor didn’t realize that he was… Read more »

$360,000 for passenger injured on bus

Schulman Blitz, LLP‘s client was a passenger on a BoltBus that was traveling from Baltimore to New York City. As the bus was exiting the Manhattan side of the Lincoln Tunnel, it collided with a car, dragging the car against the side of the tunnel exit wall. As a result of the impact with the… Read more »

$110,000 for trip and fall on defective stairs

Our client was visiting a relative at an apartment building in Brooklyn which was owned by the New York City Housing Authority.  He was on his way down the stairs to exit the building when he tripped and fell on a broken, cracked and defective step.  As a result, he injured his knee and his… Read more »