Schulman Blitz LLP’s client suffered from severe hallux valgus deformity (multiple bunions) on her foot which became painful and she sought treatment from a podiatrist to have them corrected.

The podiatrist performed a surgical procedure in an attempt to correct the hallux valgus deformity. Our client had multiple side effects from the surgery, and we alleged that the procedure should not have been performed in the first case because of many contraindications. The procedure that our client had was not recommended for patients such as our client who have degenerative bone disease.

In addition, the procedure was no longer the standard of care at the time our client had the surgery done. Due to the negligently performed procedure, our client will need a further surgery to correct the deformity.

Prior to bringing a lawsuit and after months of negotiations, Schulman Blitz, LLP entered into a private mediation with the attorneys and insurance company for the podiatrist and was able to settle the case, pre-suit, for a confidential amount.