$240,000 Verdict in Auto Accident Case

Justin Blitz, Esq. received a jury verdict in the amount of $240,000 for a sixty two year old man who injured his knee in an automobile accident.

$400,000+ Verdict for Car Accident Case

Justin Blitz, Esq. successfully tried an automobile accident case to verdict in Supreme Court, Bronx County.  The trial resulted in a verdict in excess of $400,000 for our client whose leg was injured in an automobile accident.

Teenage boy fractures his elbow while horseback riding

A teenage boy who fractured his elbow when he fell off a horse due to insufficient supervision at the horseback riding academy he attended.  Schulman Blitz, LLP sued the horseback riding academy and the case resulted in a favorable settlement for our client.

$750,000 settlement for pedestrian struck by van

Schulman Blitz, LLP settled a case for $750,000 for a man who was crossing the street when he was strcuk by a van that was making a left turn.  Our client was seriously injured and underwent neck surgery consisting of a decompressive laminotomy, facetectomy and foraminotomy.  Our client also had a shoulder injury and underwent… Read more »

Public Misled on Air Quality After 9/11 Attack, Judge Says – UPDATE

Christie Whitman, when she led the Environmental Protection Agency, made “misleading statements of safety” about the air quality near the World Trade Center in the days after the Sept. 11 attack and may have put the public in danger, a federal judge found yesterday. The pointed criticism of Mrs. Whitman came in a ruling by… Read more »

$75,000 Settlement for Woman Injured in While Riding In Van

Schulman Blitz, LLP settled a case for our client who was riding in a van which was involved in an accident with another vehicle that crossed over the double yellow line and collided with the van.  Following depositions, the case settled for $75,000.

Bus driver sustains injuries when Ceiling fell on him

Schulman Blitz, LLP represented a bus driver who sustained an injury to his shoulder when his bathroom ceiling suddenly collapsed on him.  A settlement was reached with the owners of the building before a lawsuit was started.

$50,000 Settlement for slip and fall on marina dock

Our client, a prominent pediatrician from Long Island, broke his finger when he slipped and fell on a dangerous condition at the marina where he docks his boat.  Schulman Blitz, LLP recovered $50,000 for him shortly after the lawsuit was commenced.